Wrong Way Round

Dear Source:

It's always toooooooo late for what the people need and want…7 million dollars for pure chaos for two years or more…traffic woes are just going to begin…I can think of other ways to spend 7 million dollars…how about fixing the roads period…the road crews fix portions, then skip a small pot hole to have to come back 3 months later, when someone loses their car into a replica of Grand Canyon…how about spending more on education??? New and repaired speed bumps in Chocolate Hole…Isn't it illegal to have speed bumps on highways that DOT funds? It is in the states and Route 104 and all our major arteries are our highways…I can see speed bumps near schools…Gifft Hill has a couple…and so does Guy Benjamin School in Coral Bay….JESS has none…Why!????
You should also put a speed bump near the day care in front of the Inn at Tamarind Court…the speed of huge trucks is something else there. With the economy the way it heading, now is not the time to spend 7 million dollars on a roundabout…like I said before it, doesn't take a rocket scientist to just cut the corner back and widen it…It has worked all these years…I can remember when you might have seen a tractor trailer once a week on St. John…Don't mess with a sleeping dog…let it lie. I feel sorry for the businesses on Centerline and Route 104. Is this what the people really want, or someone that has never been here and watched the situation…..?
Nancy Hedlund
St. John

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