Solving the Problem at Almost No Expense

Dear Source:

The Port Authority is strangling Cruz Bay! … and with just a few days of effort, at almost no expense, St. John could be changed to having parking, far less congestion, and a better-managed town; while the Port Authority could earn more income. With a little earth change, and some Enighed Pond and Creek management, the Cruz Bay area could be vastly improved, while enhancing the Port Authority's income. These solutions are:
The Enighed Pond Port
There is a 4 to 5 acre parcel of land at the Enighed Pond surrounded by a berm mound and a chain-link fence. This suggestion is to have a backhoe move this berm wall and fence in towards the middle of the parcel on some of the sides and away from the road. This will create a large parking lot for possibly hundreds of vehicles across from the tennis courts. On another side, near the service entrance to the port, moving this berm inwards can create a staging area for the vehicles wishing to board the barges. On another side, along the Pond Road, moving this berm inwards could create a "rental car lot", where all rental cars can be stored outside of town. Thus, by just moving the fill inwards, without the expense of trucking any material, the area could provide a massive parking area for long term, commuter, town employee vehicles and car rentals.
Next, at the Enighed Pond, almost half of the port's dock is never used. To this portion of the dock all of the dormant ferries, maintenance activities, and the Leyland Sneed could be moved from the Creek. This will free up the Creek Harbor to better uses.
Finally, at the Enighed Pond Port, there could be developed a very simple Marina. Separating the Port from the planted mangroves is a metal wall from the port entrance to Contant Hill. Along this metal wall could be built a wooden boardwalk and some finger piers. There could be a "pump out station" using the adjacent wastewater treatment plant; and there could be a "fuel dock" for fueling the many vessels in the area. .
The Creek Harbor
With all of the dormant ferries, ships, and maintenance activities relocated to the Enighed Pond, the Creek is far less impacted. This opens the area for a better cruise ship passenger activity, short-time parking, and a far better National Park Visitor Center experience. With all of the car rentals stationed at the Pond there could be installed "parking meters" to help create a "quick stop–move on" sense of parking downtown.
With all of the sitting ferries and ships moved to the Pond, the Creek dock can be used for boats and charters to tie up for Customs, shopping, and provisioning, while the Port Authority collects "dock fees". These changes will improve our town's ambiance for residents and visitors alike, and the Port Authority can operate the area as a business.
Steve Black
St. John

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