God Has Better Things in Mind

Dear Source:
talk about missing the mark, you can design a new building one that looks very modern, yet didn't you St. thomas people just cut down your last mahogany tree lets see you design one of those? last time i checked you were a Caribbean Island and not Orlando south, on my last visit to St. Thomas, when one can get past the barkers and the duty free stores, i noticed a lack of any sense of preservation of the past, your claims to need bigger parking lots reek of progress at any cost. your island is reaping the wind and you want to make it even more silly. crusians cant afford the property ergo they cant contribute to your creative minds, the great thinkers are busy thinking about what happens when a traditional people cant afford to live in there ancestral country, my answer to you is stop a few cruse ships and plant a few trees, go green, and if in twenty years or so the fish get healthy populations and you see a few mahoganies get bigger consider your self a part of gods design for these islands, there are greater things than sparkling building modern designs and progress.
invest in the people and the natural world.
Paul Vrabcak
Frederiksted, St. Croix

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