Senator Owes Everyone an Apology

Dear Source:
Thank You Source for covering The Wall St. Journal's page one Story on our Senator's attempt to "derail" Roger W. Morgan's Free Speech Radio Talk Show and it's purpose of providing citizens a voice in expressing their displeasure in elected officials. It was a lot more "lighthearted" than the in depth of drama that I experienced unfolding as a citizen.
I read the original WSJ article. It ends with "What's going to happen when the spat is over? Actually Sen. Russell thinks he and Mr. Morgan will make up. "It's nothing personal he says". I consider this much more than a "spat". This is a grave and serious assault on people's Constitutional Rights to free expression. Consequently, Senator Russell, let me respond to your direct quote and say this IS personal to me, as well as personal to every Virgin Island citizen that you have deeply offended by your attempts to silence the people who unwisely put their faith and trust in you as a public official!
How can any man with integrity and character attempt to ruin another for supporting an American Constitutional right as you have done? Have you any idea or concept of how your irresponsible actions and immature, knee-jerk behavior has undermined the faith of the people you are suppose to serve? Do you even understand the concept of Freedom of Speech as a right of the people? It doesn't appear so. The black race has been held down too long, oppressed through fear in expressing their feelings as an open society, and you attempt to silence any freedom of speech? You further attempt to divide good people through fear tactics by calling decent human beings who love and care about these Islands "Klu Klux Klan" supporters.
Unbelievable and incredibly disturbing. You owe everyone of us an apology. You owe Roger W. Morgan a personal apology. You have amends to make on numerous levels. I think you should be held responsible, as possibly our longest term Senator, for leading this incredibly inappropriate and low level attack on the freedom of the people in our Virgin Islands who you as Senator-are suppose to protect. And you say "It's nothing personal?" If this is the kind of consciousness that you hold in your thinking, you would do us all a favor by withdrawing from future Senatorial races.
This is not the kind of irresponsible behavior that we need to teach our children. Teaching people to take responsibility for the choses they make is the most important tool we have in improving our communities. To date, you fail miserably in these regards by refusing to own any of your poor actions. Our Islands have too many serious issues to be "lead" by Senators who are not clear thinkers and do not have the best interests of a "free society" as their main responsibility. You–along with those included in your attempts to silence the voices of your constituents–have done "We the People" a grave injustice. Your continual lack of integrity in making this serious wrong-right speaks volumes about who you are. I am personally disappointed in you and your actions, as well as inactions. I hope that you can find the courage to own these wrongs.
In the twenty-five years that I have spent here, I have found that our Community is very forgiving. Making amends is really quite easy. Withdraw your FCC petition; compensate Mr. Morgan for the personal costs to him; and apologize to the People you have deeply offended. Perhaps then we can move beyond this issue that you and other Senators have created. I do not believe this will simply "fade away". Please do the right thing, Senator Russell. We are continue to watch.
Bonny Corbeil
St. John

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