Gas/Oil Prices on St. John Are Criminal

Dear Source:
Referring to Dena Langdon's commentary on the price oil/gas. We in the St. John-St. Thomas district pay $1.50 more/gallon than St. Croix, that places us at the extreme. We pay more for gas than southern Florida. We're 39 nautical miles from the source, which you would think would allow us to reap the benefits.
The elevated costs to us are astounding. The only benefit I see, is to the government, which makes tax money on the backs of its people. The St. John-St. Thomas district are taxed higher for the same commodity as their couterparts on St. Croix. You would think that "tax" should be equal to all people based on a commodity.
It's been six to seven months since our Governor took office and I would like to remind him of his platform on this subject. I believe he will do something poisitive to correct this "criminal" activity.
George Hollander
St. John

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