List of 253 Abandoned Vehicle Owners Released.

June 9, 2005 – The St. Thomas/Water Island Administrator, James O'Bryan Jr., chairman of Gov. Charles W. Turnbull's Abandoned Vehicle and Beautification Task Force, has released an updated listing of the names of 253 last registered owners of abandoned vehicles that have been taken into custody by the task force during its ongoing operations. Persons on the list will have 15 days to reclaim their vehicles from the Department of Property and Procurement after paying towing and other related storage charges.
Chapter 49 Title 743 of the Virgin Islands Code requires that a lien be placed against the last registered owner of an abandoned vehicle that has been taken into custody by the task force. Liens of $250 have been placed against the last registered owner of each vehicle and must be paid before another vehicle can be registered at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Bureau. After 15 days the vehicle will be disposed of in accord with established procedures.
O'Bryan said the task force will continue to remove cars deemed abandoned from public and private property in accord with the Virgin Islands Code. He also warned violators of the abandoned vehicle law that appropriate fines and citations will be issued as the task force continues to step up its operations in the weeks and months head. "We are determined to fulfill the governor's directive to improve the appearance of the territory with our operations," O'Bryan said, "and I call on the 26th Legislature to pass the governor's proposal to increase the fine for abandoning vehicles to $1,000 per vehicle.
To see if your name is on the list of abandoned vehicle owners, click here.

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