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May 6, 2005 – By day, Tony's Kitchen is the place to stop for fresh fried chicken, crispy fried fish and myriad West Indian culinary delights. But after work is over and into the wee hours, folks drop by to eat, drink and be merry, and to play dominos at the adjacent picnic table.
"They like to come and cool out at night," Angie Edward said.
Edward, 46, reigns over the kitchen at what is essentially a food cart tucked along the side of Centerline Road where it meets Gifft Hill Road at Susannaberg.
She said politics is the hot topic when folks gather at Tony's Kitchen. She said that while the customers make jokes about her political ambitions, she had given some thought to running for a seat in the Legislature.
"If I was living here long…," she said, adding that she moved to St. John seven years ago from Soufrierre, St. Lucia.
Edward offers up some firm opinions along with the morning bottle of soda. She said that St. John needs a youth center to give the island's kids somewhere to go.
"Then there wouldn't be so much trash in Cruz Bay Park," she said.
She's married to Patrick Edward and has one daughter, Giannia Edward, 21.
She said she learned to cook in St. Lucia because her parents enjoyed cooking.
Edward adds her special touch to everything that comes out of the kitchen.
"She makes killer kallaloo," one customer said as he hurried off with a plate of fried chicken.
Edward makes a different soup every day, with Wednesday the day for kallaloo.
And from 11:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. on Fridays, she dishes up grilled pork.
Tony's Kitchen is also the place to stop by for a beer, soda, cookies, cigarettes, and gum.
Edward said customers can call in advance, and she'll have their order ready to go when they arrive.
Even tourists somehow find their way to Tony's Kitchen.
"One said that he heard of my famous chicken wings," she said.
Lots of people ask what she does to make her chicken wings so good, but she tells them the recipe is in her head.
Edward said she likes her job because she gets to meet a variety of different people.
"And today I met up with you," she said, smiling as she dished up another plate of those famous chicken wings.
Tony's Kitchen opens at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday. It opens at 6:45 on Saturday. It remains open until the last customer leaves on Monday through Saturday. It is closed Sunday.
Call 693-7247 to order take-out.

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