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Cosmic News: The Pendulum Swings

The earth upon her celestial spindle winds
Her ecstasy-producing dance!–Kathleen Raine
The rhythm of our Earth dance is intimately connected to the waxing and waning of the Moon, reflecting tides of Sunlight into our consciousness. Threads of light and dark intertwine to weave the mundane, entirely cosmic, fabric of our lives. In this world of duality and contrast, the cosmic pendulum swings back and forth, timing the music of the dance. Swings and see-saws. Scales of music, scales of balance: the month of Libra is in full swing.
Eclipses come around seasonally, every six months, marked by the Moon¹s nodes, where the paths of the Sun and Moon intersect. Also called the Dragon Head and Tail to denote their power, these nodal positions circle backwards through the zodiac in 18-19 years, with resounding gong-like reverberations in the harmony of the spheres. The eclipses are now shifting from Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra. The eclipses this month, and in April 2005, fall in both polarities. There is a change of tone, of frequency.
This partial solar eclipse is at 21 Libra, close to the heavenly blue star, Spica. This special gifting star marks the grain which the great goddess Virgo carries in her hand, the seed and fruit of Nature, sparked from the cornucopia of creation. During a New Moon, a new cosmic seed is planted. This one arises from the Cauldron of Choice. Reach out and receive. New connections and liaisons come through this New Moon, which features a party of planets in Libra: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and the big one, Jupiter.
Circling the Sun in 12 years, immense Jupiter turns on its axis every ten hours, making two and half days in one of ours. Its middle bulges out like that of Santa Claus and belly-laughing Buddha's. Whirling Jupiter speeds through in a sign for one year. At the end of September, This planet of expansion and growth opened the door of opportunity to reveal the Great Goddess Ma¹at, holding the golden Scales.
Jupiter, the wisdom planet, teaches us to weigh our decisions using Ma¹at¹s Feather of Truth. With the feather on one scale and our choices on the other, Truth weighs in the Balance. For we are making Big Decisions. The upcoming U.S. election is one of these, certainly, and we are all making decisions in our lives, both this month and over the next year. Ma¹at offers her sacred feather to remind us how to choose.
Libra is a social sign, sharing ideas and points of view, discussing and arguing, mediating and negotiating, finding common ground or agreeing to disagree. The Libra tendency for relating and harmonizing needs to be balanced by the Aries fire of clarity and integrity. When you are clear in thought, you can connect with others via heart sparkles ignited from your core connection to universal impulse.
May we choose with Lightness of Heart to uphold Libran Justice and Divine Order. We are being bombarded with light infusions ‹an influx from the Sun in the form of increasing solar flares and winds that affect our weather, terrestrial and psychic–and influx from the heart of our galaxy, most recently detected in the form of a huge, unexplained gamma ray burst.
Gamma rays are the most powerfully energetic type of radiation that we can perceive scientifically. The excited photons in gamma rays interact with molecules in our atmosphere, producing a shower of electrons and positrons, virtual matter and antimatter. Take your choice‹what do you want to manifest from virtual reality?
This gamma ray may be from a jet shooting out from the super-massive black hole in the galactic center, or from a supernova explosion near the center, or from mysterious dark matter interactions. In any case, subtle, new information is entering our Earth plane. Scientists around the world are intrigued and mystified. Current theories are at risk of change. "It becomes a very delicate balancing act," remarked one theorist, sounding just like Libra.
The delicate balance tips by the TOTAL ECLIPSE in Taurus/Scorpio — the last total lunar eclipse of the especially intense series in these signs over the last year and a half (May 2003 and 2004 and the special November 8 eclipse with the celebrated Star of David, SIX-POINTED STAR pattern).
This Full Moon eclipse precedes by hours the second of two FIVE-POINTED STAR patterns (the first was Oct. 1). The pattern is made of subtle planetary aspects of 72 degrees that promote a download of the imaginal, symbolic and abstract perception into the mental. If you have done your homework from the Venus occultation in Gemini this past summer, which helped align the higher and lower minds, this is the next step, adding the cosmic mind (see Malvin Artley¹s commentary at www.astrologycom.com/grandquintile). Perhaps the extraordinary gamma ray burst is a manifestation of this potential, stretching our capacity to perceive beyond previous limits. As Philip Sedgewick suggested in his recent GALACTIC TIMES, the official naming of deep solar system object Sedna, enhances this theme as well.
The Full Moon eclipse urges us to let go, to surrender to this quality of the unknown. Taurus manifests matter from the deep, subatomic fields evoked by Scorpio desires. Like a serpent shedding its skin, we can shrug away worn and negative energy fields — renew, regenerate and rise again. Listen to Rumi (translated by Shahram Shiva on his CD, Rumi: Lovedrunk):
Once more LOVE is pouring down my ceiling and my wall.
Once more it is the night of the full moon.
It is time for madness.
All my immense knowledge will not help me nowŠ.
Like the way a garden burns in a hundred shades of orange in the fall, The lover¹s heart shrivels for a sense of the Beloved¹s touch. Now the face of that charred garden is my field of flowers. Look! Two hundred Jupiters are dancing around my Moon!

I am finished with the consultants!
Little do they know, little do they know that
You are my shadow, YOU are my shadow!
Once more rise, rise, rise,
Once more rise, RISE, rise,
RISE, rise, rise, rise! rise! RISE! RISE!..RISE..
I¹ll email you again on the other side!

Editor's note: Astrologer for more than 35 years, Kelley Hunter lives on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she leads stargazing nights. She is astrologer-in-residence for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort and for the Omega Institute winter programs in the Caribbean. Hunter recently earned her doctoral degree in an interdisciplinary combination of philosophy, cosmology and myth. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her Web site here

Copyright 2004 by M. Kelley Hunter

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"The earth upon her celestial spindle winds
Her ecstasy-producing dance." — Kathleen Raine
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