April 25, 2004 – Nine 24 foot racing sailboats from the St. Thomas Yacht Club started the Carnival Watersports day with tight action. It was close racing in the literal sense as IC-24 class boats passed within feet of each other and close in the results with the top four places decided in the last of four races. By winning the last race, Taylor Canfield and David Nichols claimed rights as Carnival Sailing Champions for 2004. This year's Rolex Regatta winner Chris Curreri and Morgan Avery came in second. John Holmberg edged out the combined Bailey and Newbold families by a single point to decide third and fourth. IC-24 Fleet captain Frank Barnes was awarded the Timex watch prize, as several of the boats blamed his late start in leaving the east end for the delay of the 10 a.m. start by about 10 minutes.
This was the second year the IC-24 class sailboats came down to town for the Carnival Races. This year the wind was blowing from the east which allowed the starting line and all marks to be set up in a line between Coast Guard dock and Hook, Line and Sinker in Frenchtown. During most of the beats to the windward mark by the Coast Guard dock, several of the sailors drove their craft within a few feet of the concrete waterfront bulkhead. The running legs towards Frenchtown continued the excitement as the trailing boats blocked the wind of the leaders and accelerated up to and sometimes past the leading boats. John Amerling's Emotional Rescue served as committee boat.
1st Boat Drinks, Taylor Canfield/ David Nichols 1,1,5, 1 total 8 points
2nd Brand New Second Hand, Chris Curreri/Morgan Avery 4,2,2,3 total 11 points
3rd Stinger, John Holmberg, 3,4,4,2 total 13 points
4th XX-XY, Bailey and Newbold families, 2,3,1,8 Total 14 points.

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