To The National Park Service:
Hey guys, get a life! I lived on St. Thomas on and off for over 30 years. Who cares what plant is native, and who knows? How long has the NPS been there, that they know when and how plants got there? Get real! One minute you are crying "poor mouth" and the next you want to try to eliminate nonnative plants and animals. (But only the ones you want to) Is this a form of discrimination?
Now, as far as the animals are concerned, that is really preposterous. Are you naive enough to think you can eliminate rats, and mongoose? I think the NPS is being run by idiots who just got on the island. As I recall, all of St. John is not NPS territory. Will they infringe on individual property rights, or build a fence around the park?
I personally think it is physically impossible to eliminate a specie once it is established. How about guinea grass? Want to spend a billion or two on that? If you conquer rats, get on up to New York City, they need you. Rats outnumber the residents by fifty to one (best estimate). How about birds? Those little rascals fly in from almost anywhere. A big screen maybe?
How about the plants, seeds and birds that came ashore via Hurricanes, currents and bird droppings? What is native? Will it be the nonnative people next?
Will the last one to leave, put out the lights? If the bills have been paid!
John T. Wagner
Cape Coral, FL

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