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Dec. 2, 2002 — On December 3-4, the New Moon is eclipsed in one of the most powerful astrological events of the year. This takes place at 2:35 a.m. EST, therefore on December 3 on the West Coast. A total eclipse in itself is a strong moment of transformation. This eclipse is just 3 degrees from the south node of the moon; the nodes mark eclipse points. They are now in the polarity of Sagittarius/ Gemini, where they accent the continuing Pluto-Saturn opposition in those two signs.
The south node, representing past karma that is being brought forward again, brings both assets and liabilities from the past. The north node, representing present growth and learning, brings the karmic inheritance, the re-emerging patterns of the south node from the unconscious into present and full awareness. An alternate way of thinking about it is that south node is the known, already integrated into consciousness from past lives. The north node is the unconscious potentials that have yet to emerge, like subatomic energy fields that are merging into manifestation. In Vedic astrology, the south node is the place of universal attunement, where the soul merges back into the cosmic sea, the point of "moksha," or liberation from the karmic wheel. The north node is the karmic point that pulls us into incarnation, what we are here to do this lifetime that must be accomplished before we can be released.
The nodes are always working together; they are a polarity. It is not that we are moving from the south node to the north, but that we are coming from the awareness of the south toward fuller integration in the north — north being the direction of wisdom in the Native American medicine wheel. Incorporating both ends of the polarity creates a heightened consciousness that allows us to naturally release the new lessons of the north node through the south node placement, which is the path of least resistance. If we dwell in the south node only, we will neither grow nor polarize the energy; therefore we may stagnate in the misuse of south node preconditions.
With Pluto on the eclipse, the gates to the underworld swing wide open. Actually, they already have; Pluto conjuncted the south node during July and August. This eclipse represents a turning point in the process of collective karmic healing that we each are experiencing in our individual lives as well. We are all interconnected. That is one truth that the truth-seeking Sagittarius impulse is demonstrating quite clearly. Inspirations, aspirations and visions imbued with universal truth serum are the arrows that we are aiming into the future. Keep breathing, singing, calling it out.
Saturn is swinging retrograde these days, back toward wide opposition with Pluto. During the eclipse, Saturn is opposite Mercury in Sagittarius. The word must get out. This month Saturn is closer than it has been for 30 years. We are all responsible for bringing forward this vision, to articulate it the way we are experiencing it. Like a busy honeybee, the north node in Gemini continues to gather the pollen from all points of view. Part of our responsibility is to monitor our thoughts, recognizing the power of the mind to shape our reality. Sometimes all it takes is to turn your serious-thinking frown into a light-hearted smile. I tried that yesterday. The weight of the world was sitting heavy. Just a smile lit things up. The day changed, like a new dawn.
This eclipse occurs at 12 degrees Sagittarius. The last time we had an eclipse on this day and at this degree was December 4, 1983. What was going on in your life then? This could be the end of that cycle, opening into a new spiral of experience. The Sabian symbol emphasizes the transmutational quality of this event:
This image seems particularly potent in these flag-waving times. The eagle is a power bird of farsightedness and strength. It is the bird symbol of the United States. The great astrologer Dan Rudhyar wrote about this Sabian degree:
"In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution" when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. The eagle symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it‹and by doing so is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.
In this interpretation, he is naming the vision and, at the end, a warning about the cloud of self-righteousness that can shadow the Sagittarius potential.
Song: "It¹s a new day, it¹s a new dawn, it¹s a new life, for me, feeling good …" Is that from "Porgy and Bess?" Or maybe "Show Boat?"
The dawn is worth watching these days, as Venus, stunning in her brightness, is joined by Mars, both in early Scorpio and hanging out close together all through December. Venus turned direct November 20, the day after the last Full Moon penumbral eclipse. The joining of this mythic pair suggests deep emotional stirrings and a profound feeling of inner union that can manifest in outer union. This theme is emphasized by the presence of the asteroid Juno, Queen Goddess, symbolizing marital union, commitment and social ceremony. This is a special trio to help in the Scorpionic process of letting go of what no longer feels good. Make a commitment to joy, passion and compassion.
Another important dynamic of this eclipse is the station point of Jupiter, at 19 degrees Leo: A HOUSEBOAT PARTY. This moving feast calls for celebration: a free flow of energy, creative expression with others. Jupiter goes retrograde for the next several months, coming back around to this same degree in July. That¹s a long party. Plus, Jupiter is trine this Pluto eclipse, suggesting a good way to get the most out of it.
If we add in Black Moon Lilith in Aries — as we better, she would have it no other way — we have a fire triangle. Black Moon in Aries calls for clarity and integrity in the use of Will. In our desires and actions, are we aligned with Divine Will or selfish will? In her lovely and profound book, "Dreams of Isis," Normandi Ellis discusses the Egyptian Sekhem, the power of consciousness:
"The power of sekhem is the dynamo of Divine Light, the energy that drives the universe. Willfulness, and perhaps willingness, are key to understanding and managing sekhem. The Divine has allowed us to partake in its creative potential by the use of its own power. At its heights, sekhem represents love and courage — the realm of angels; at its depths, war and slaughter — the land of demons. Sekhem is power, pure and simple. No moralistic judgment is attached.
It is up to us to bring the necessary discipline, awareness and self-control to properly channel this divine energy or we can get carried away with it. Like nuclear power, it has immense potential. If we harness this energy together by the efforts of our combined wills, we can shape a bright new dawn.
Let¹s find a houseboat and sail along the Milky Way river. Let¹s align with the cosmic flow.
What does this eclipse mean to you? Cosmic updates timely now. I¹m offering a holiday and new year special until the end of December. $70/hour.

Editor's note: Astrologer Kelley Hunter is a resident of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, where she leads stargazing nights and is studying for her Ph.D. in cosmology and myth and writ
ing on Lilith and the Cosmic Feminine. To be on her e-mail list for monthly articles or for an astrology consultation, write her at kellhunter@earthlink.net.
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