May 22, 2002 – As of Wednesday morning, most readers are able to access the St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John Source newspapers in normal fashion.
You may have noticed a difference in the content of the URL in the "address" box at the top of the page. In place of what previously was the "www" after the "http://," a series of numerals now appears. This reflects an upgrading of its server system by OnePaper Inc., which provides the platform for the Source newspaper and a number of other online publications.
Initially this change in URL posed problems for readers seeking to access the pages using their bookmarks, since the bookmarks carried the former "www" designation. However, OnePaper has implemented a translator which now allows access to the reconfigured pages through the old "www" addresses.
Readers also should be able to access the pages by manually typing these formerly in place and still valid addresses:
– or for St. Thomas Source.
– for St. Croix Source.
– for St. John Source.
If these links work for you, please add them to your bookmarks, deleting any old links to the pages that may be there.
If these links do not work, please notify the Source by e-mail to, briefly explaining your problem and also providing the name of your Internet Service Provicer (ISP) and where geographically you are located. We will pass this information on to OnePaper.
Meantime, readers may be experiencing problems with some internal Source links — notably the search engines for advertising sections, the PayPal service for SourceDirect subscriptions, and archival links in stories from prior to May 20 to earlier Source reports. Where these links are not functioning, users will be taken to the requested site but will find a blank space where the article or requested information should appear.
As of May 20, we have modified the internal links to the SourceDirect service at the bottom of stories and the links to inside pages in the "What's New in the Source – the Inside Story" section.
OnePaper is addressing these problems and hopes to have them resolved shortly.

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