Dear Source,

The clock is ticking away, readers. If you have not registered to vote, please make the time to do so. There is just about a month left to register; Oct. 8th is the deadline.
If you have registered, thank you. But there is still more to do. Read and listen to the candidates and understand the issues so that you can make the best choice. If you know a young person, let them know about the process. If an elderly person needs a ride to the primary or election day centers, please see what you can do. If you live off island and can still vote, please use your absentee ballot.

Every voice must heard!

Election offices
St. Croix, 4 Sunny Isle Shopping Center Annex, 773-1021;
St. Thomas, 22 Crystal Gade, 774-3107;
St. John, The Battery 776-6535.

Thank you,
Jason Budsan
Secretary, The League of Women Voters

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