Public Works will embark Monday on a mission to clean up the territory that involves removing unsightly roll-on/roll-off trash bins and replacing them with door-to-door pickup service — for a fee.
"Operation Cleanup" will start Monday morning on St. Croix with the department removing the roll-on/roll-off garbage bins in the LBJ housing area. The move follows requests from residents living in the area, according to Public Works Acting Commissioner Wayne Callwood.
After studying the problem dump site, Callwood said, Public Works officials determined that most of those depositing garbage there were business owners and people who don’t live in the area.
"Moreover," Callwood said, "the department took into consideration that regular house-to-house garbage collection for the surrounding neighborhoods is currently being handled by Dan’s Trucking and Trash Removal Services, and this was just a duplication of service already being provided by Public Works."
Callwood said "no dumping" signs will be posted at the former dumpster site, and anyone caught leaving trash there will be cited for littering.
Earlier this month, Public Works personnel closed a dump site at Good Hope after residents of Good Hope Community Townhouses complained that contracted trash haulers had failed to empty the bins and that the overflowing garbage was a magnet for rodents.
As part of the overall Public Works solid-waste management plan, most roll-on/roll-off bins throughout the territory will be eliminated. Garbage will be collected house-to-house by the department or a contractor, and residents will have to pay for the service. As part of a pilot program, Public Works have distributed 64-gallon garbage cans to residents of Mon Bijou.
As many of the roll-on/roll-off bins as possible will be eliminated, Public Works officials have said. Those areas that cannot be served by house-to-house pickup will still utilize bins, but they will be located in areas that are fenced and staffed, and will be operated for a fee.
If the Senate approves proposed legislation to establish a self-funded Waste Management Authority, Public Works authorities hope to have a house-to-house collection program in operation by Oct. 1.

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