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Government vehicles are again getting fuel, but the amount is limited.
According to Capt. Al Donastorg, commander of the Norre Gade central police station, his vehicles are being limited to about 10 gallons a day, the Independent reported Thursday.
Donastorg also said his vehicles were gassed up Monday when the motor pool was empty, thanks to residents and businesses who paid for gas.
Donastorg said police vehicles that run around the clock require 30 to 40 gallons a day.
Both Donastorg and Samual Baptiste, acting Property and Procurement commissioner, said this is the fifth or sixth time this year the motor pool has been out of gas because of a lack of money to pay vendors.
The motor pool faces another problem — this one with the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Baptiste said the facility's underground tanks must be removed by Dec. 22 to comply with an EPA order.
"We have something in negotiation right now to ensure that when the 22nd comes around fuel can continue to flow," Baptiste said.
He added that whatever the system for disbursement of fuel, it will still require payment for fuel to flow.