Board of Elections to Hold Voter Registration, Voter Machine Demo

The St. Croix Board of Elections will hold a voter registration drive and a voting machine demonstration from 9 a.m.…

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Half a dozen young people, local artists and music producers have created a peace song for Carnival 2014. To read more about the song, click here.

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Beach Advisory for April 25-29

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) announces that the Beach Water Quality Monitoring Program, which evaluates weekly water quality at popular swimming beaches throughout the territory by sampling for Enterococci Bacteria and Turbidity, which is a measure of water clarity, advises the public of the following:

2016-04-29 00:50:08
PSC Forces Innovative to Accept Payment at Business Offices

The PSC ruled this month to require Innovative to reinstate customer payment at its business offices. Innovative announced this week it would soon accept payments on a limited basis.

2016-04-27 23:55:49
The Bookworm: Have Your 'Cake' and Read it Too

In "Cake," readers will be entertained by tales of adventure and spices, the advent of the “domestic goddess,” and how bakers came to love a woman who “never actually existed.”

2016-04-27 23:52:09
Community - Deaths — St. Croix
Joan Prevost Dies

Joan Prevost died on March 2.

Read entire articleApr 19 2016 - 1:14pm
Michael Polius Dies

Michael Polius died on April 9.

Read entire articleApr 19 2016 - 1:01pm
Nicholas “Nick” Danaluk Dies

Nicholas “Nick” Danaluk died on April 12.

Read entire articleApr 18 2016 - 4:37pm
Roy Anthony Hendrickson Dies at 47

Roy Anthony Hendrickson died on March 20. He was 47 years old.

Read entire articleApr 16 2016 - 4:09am
Richard H. Murray Dies

Richard H. Murray died on April 8.

Read entire articleApr 16 2016 - 4:06am
Lorraine Gautier Wenner Dies at 70

Lorraine "Larry" Gautier Wenner died on April 13. She was 70 years old.

Read entire articleApr 16 2016 - 4:00am
Rexbell Adams Dies in New York

 Mr. Rexbell Adams died April 8 in New York. He was 75 years old at his passing.

Read entire articleApr 11 2016 - 3:12pm
Leonella J. Merced

Leonella J. Merced died on April 4.

Read entire articleApr 9 2016 - 4:58am
Evans O. Nicholas Dies

Evans O. Nicholas died on March 26.

Read entire articleApr 9 2016 - 4:51am
Dolores Rijos Dies at 94

Dolores Rijos, also known as Lola, of Estate Richmond died on April 5. She was 94 years old.

Read entire articleApr 8 2016 - 6:14pm