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44th Annual Agrifest Announces Award Winners

The following are the award winners of the 44th Annual V.I. Agriculture and Food Fair that was held on February…

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Gov. John deJongh Jr. offers News Years wishes, and thanks to the people of the Virgin Islands for the honor of electing him to serve as their governor.

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FY 2o11 budget
Oct 7, 2011 - 06:10

The Governor will not sign the VI legislature's budget as presented and it will now go into effect without his signature. He will now have to make the necessary cuts to try to keep the government running based on the budget passed by the 29th legislature. The budget recently passed by the senate has a short fall of millions of dollars. The V.I. Senate approved a total General Fund appropriation level of about $831.3 million. The governor's team revised revenue projections at $830.1 million for 2011 and recommended an $811.8 million budget with a operating budget of about a $1.2 billion.

Whose fault is it for not balancing that shortfall before sending it to government house?

Where will that shortfall come from now? We have to pay our bills and keep government running based on our revenues and expenditures. Couldn't this have been resolved sooner when we had less extreme options as we are facing now?

Jason Budsan

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It is obvious that the Senators do not know HOW to balance a budget since they never have done so before.
This is why, down the road, now, we find ourselves in this financial predicament.

Their primary objective is their re-election so they do not want to rock any boats that would make them seem to be the "bad guys." No tough decisions here, floks, just the same old "play it safe" on the taxpayer dime.

Here is a true demonstration of inept leadership at its very worst and skewed priorities, especially in light of the fact that they refuse to take the 8% pay cut on their highly inflated saleries while expecting everyone else to pay more for less.

Aren't you tired of this kind of representation?