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Board of Elections to Test Voting Machines on August 2

The St. Croix District Board of Elections will conduct testing of AutoMark and DS200, which will be used on Primary…

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Housing Finance Authority Buy's Five Acre in Coral Bay
Dec 15, 2010 - 10:12

After reading the article titled, "Housing Finance Authority Buy's Five Acres in Coral Bay", it was inevitable that I posted a response. It is very interesting that Mr. Graham would indicate that the reason why only 2 of the 24 townhouses were sold in Calabash Boom is because the location is a far distance from Cruz Bay...and this is even more a hindrance to sales if you work on St. Thomas.

What a foolish and dishonest analysis. The Housing Finance Authority made a ridiculous decision to build townhouses in Calabash Boom, St. John with a floor plan from the 1960's and priced at a value that only middle class families could afford, but with subsidies that can only be attractive and affordable to low-income families. Why would the Housing Finance Authority build townhouses with only 1.5 bathrooms and on the ground level of the property with no view of the ocean? Then the low-income apartments are built on the northern part of the property (up on the hill) with the view of the ocean and the breezes from the sea. Something sounds really wrong with this picture. Why would I make a life-time investment in a home that is already obsolete? Who were these homes really built for? In my opinion, the development is an insult to middle-income families on St. John...Why is it that the low-income apartments reflect floor plans that could be compared to any new development in the United States but the homes represent floor plans of the 60's and 70's. Mr. Graham, I hope that your plans for the 5 acres will represent what buyers want and not what you think is adequate for St. Johnians. We too have real estate standards like St. Thomas and any other developing state in the United States. Actually, our standards may even be beyond.