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The on-going St. John Parking issue
Oct 8, 2009 - 12:10

On Oct 8, 2009, at 3:31 PM, Bonny Corbeil wrote:

Does anyone in authority in our Government not see and understand the position that EVERY taxpaying citizen is put in EVERY DAY that they come to Cruz Bay by the simple act of NEVER having solved the St. John ongoing decade-plus Parking issue? Many potential solutions have been offered…yet NOTHING continues.


Year after year…nothing. Administration after Administration…nothing.

This is a reflection on what our present system of government accomplishes for our small Island.

If we cannot solve THIS simple problem-how can we even THINK about solving all of the many others?

How can anyone on this Island have any kind of faith in government…hope for change…when this one simple issue cannot be solved-and continues to exasperate everyone who lives and works here?

It is way past time for our St. John Community to demand a change in our centralized system of government which has a proven record of failure in running the Island of St. John.

I believe that it is also why we have so much crime, apathy and “acting out”…there is little hope left to improve our community.

St. John must have a locally-formed Government of individuals who live here-experience the daily issues that impact our lives.

We need to identify our own unique problems…and have the power to solve them HERE.

St. Johnians are tired…exhausted… continually “beating our head against a wall” trying to express to the centralized Government in St. Thomas what again-needs to be done and why- always the same issues that should have been solved many years ago. These issues go across the water to St. Thomas and simply fade away rarely to be heard of again.

I no longer believe that a change in Administration can change the many challenges we have on our Island. Only a change in moving from centralized government to a more localized government can move us in the right direction to solve our St. John problems.

Sadly, our Constitutional Convention failed us and leaves us to contend with this dysfunctional, broken system.

We need to address a more grass-roots localized form of Government to the public in a referendum in our next election. This is critical to restore people’s faith in Government.

Senator Craig Barshinger-How do we make this happen?

SOMETHING has to change. St. Johnians are losing any little faith they might still have to address the ongoing problems on St. John.

Bonny Corbeil

St. John.