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Shooting Leaves One Man in Critical Condition

A man was critically injured Wednesday evening when gunshots were fired at the John F. Kennedy apartments, according to the…

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Jul 10, 2009 - 10:07

A new nonprofit organization, USVINORML is being organized. We have put advertisements in other VI papers without a problem. The AVIS turned us away.
The add was seeking Board members and Officers for a newly formed 401c corp who seeks to allow safe access to medical cannabis, decriminalize small amounts of cannabis possessed by responsible adults and an allowance for use when associated with religioys practices.

The reason for the denial is that the AVIS doesn't support our cause. Is this legal? Other advertisers that use that use the AVIS sells smoking paraphenalia, alcohol, cigaretts and other products than have been proven to be harmfull.
Cannibis has been used as a remedy for over 4000 years, not one death can be attributed to it's use. It is time for change and to bring the law of the VI in line with the rest of the world.
Opinions? Advise?

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it is a good choice for norml org. to come to st croix to help the people organize. Too many people are process into prison for an issue the people should have a right to decriminalize in their territory. I will post more later.