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Here’s what’s on tap at the V.I. Legislature this week.

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Fools at the Legislature
Oct 16, 2009 - 01:10

is anyone else concerned about Mr. Willis blatantly breaking the law without repercussions?
and what about Sen. Donastorg? Pushing? Scratching?
For heaven's sake, who are these people?!

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Yes Annie people are very aware of this inappropriate behavior- have shaken their heads at the immature and "power/control" interactions between adults who are suppose to be professionals in public office. Good Leaders, as both of these men are suppose to be given the high level positions they are in- should be holding a press conference-apologizing to the public for their bad behavior. I certainly am not holding my breate waiting however-this kind "reactiveness" versus appropriate response- speaks volumes about "small mindedness" and a lack of character.
People that represent us should be expected to be way above this immature behavior. I certainly hope someone is addressing it-somewhere in authority.
The worse part of this is our Youth are watching...learning how to "fight" when faced with the same conflicts in their interpersonal issues. Sad.