May 26, 2017 6:38 pm Last modified: 9:57 am

Local news

WAPA Has the Solution, But Can It Get the Financing?

WAPA has a plan to bring, in the words of spokesperson Jean Greaux Sr., “generation stability” to the islands, but it has a problem. It needs $85 million to do it.
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DLCA General Counsel Frederick Norford discusses tavern licenses Wednesday. (Photo by Barry Leerdam, provided by the V.I. Legislature)

Senate Panel OKs Bill to Change Tavern Licensing

The Division of Licensing and Consumer Affairs may get new power to determine how many tavern liquor license are allowed in the historic districts of the territory, if legislation approved in committee Wednesday becomes law.
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Sen. Positive Nelson speaks at hearing on his Emancipation Week proposal. (Photo by Barry Leerdam, provided by the V.I. Legislature)

Bill Would Mandate Time and a Half Pay on Emancipation Day

The territory may celebrate June 26-July 3 as Emancipation Week if a bill approved in committee becomes law. The bill also would require private and public employers to pay time and a half to hourly employees who work July 3.
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Zika Update: No New Cases Reported

The V.I. Department of Health reported no new cases of Zika in its weekly report, issued Tuesday. On Friday the department confirmed the territory’s first case of Zika-related microcephaly.
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Program for Hearing and Vision Impaired Will Continue at UVI

The UVI program for people with combined hearing and vision loss – iCanConnect – will become a permanent service through the UVI Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities sponsored by the Perkins School for the Blind.
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Marine Debris Issue Mounts With Little Funding Available for Cleanup

With more boats being abandoned every year, the problem is ever-growing with little funding available for boat removal.
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Senate Changing Mental Health Committal Laws

The automatic length of time for emergency commitment of someone suffering from mental illness or addiction who is an immediate danger to themselves or others will increase from 48 hours to five days, the maximum will increase from five days to 10.
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Commissioner Remembers the Day Sweeney Died

Delroy Richards said he was closely connected with six of the seven officers whose graves were visited in the morning as part of National Police Week observance.
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The RT Park building on UVI's St. Croix campus. (File photo)

The V.I. Budget Crisis: Part 6, Technology Park Tax Breaks

Tax breaks granted by the RTPark have reduced corporate taxes paid to the V.I. government, but evidence that they have created significant numbers of new jobs or a thriving tech industry – the program's ostensible purpose – is in short supply.
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Sen. Jean Forde (Photo by Barry Leerdam, provided by the V.I. Legislature)

Senate Bill Would Change Senior ID Requirement

Sen. Jean Forde (D-STT) introduced a bill Monday to allow any Real-ID compliant identification to take the place of special senior IDs issued by the government.
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