October 18, 2017 7:31 pm Last modified: 6:45 pm

Local news

Mapp: ‘We Are at the U.S. Government’s Mercy’ for $5.5 Billion Repair Bill

The V.I. government estimates the cost to rebuild the U.S. Virgin Islands' infrastructure after last month’s two devastating Category 5 hurricanes at $5.5 billion dollars, Gov. Kenneth Mapp said Thursday in a letter to Congress.
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The Global Disaster Immediate Response Team – known as DIRT – brought Zac Clancy, left, and Luke Harwath to St. John. In their other lives, Clancy is an IT programmer and Howarth a filmmaker.

Global DIRT Survey Begins on St. John

After a disaster it’s impossible to plan an effective recovery operation without knowing the scope of damage and type of assistance needed. The volunteers of 'DIRT' have taken on the task of assessing problems on St. John.
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Severe flooding washes over La Grange Road on Thursday. (Photo from Lynette Johannes's Facebook page)

Flooding Inundates Grove Place

Heavy flooding from rain earlier in the day plagued Grove Place and nearby areas of St. Croix Wednesday. The water continued to rise after the rains ended and the sun came out, according to witnesses.
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Friday Will See First Legislature Hearing Since Irma

On Friday, the V.I. Legislature will hold its first hearing since Hurricane Irma struck Sept. 6. All the senators will be meeting in a Committee of the Whole at 10 a.m. on St. Thomas to hear testimony regarding the territory’s status.
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Supplies are loaded in Florida for shipment to the USVI and Puerto Rico. (Photo by Finish Line Feed)

Hay, Other Supplies Donated to Islands’ Animals

As soon as Hurricane Maria devastated both the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, a group of statesiders began an effort to get hay and other animal supplies to the devastated regions of the territories as soon as possible.
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A DEMA team member assesses the damage at the Sea View Nursing Home in St. Thomas. (FEMA Photos by Jocelyn Augustino)

Danish Team Supports Hurricane Recovery

The Danish Emergency Management Agency has joined forces with U.S. federal and territorial emergency groups, supporting the U.S. Virgin Islands’ recovery efforts from hurricanes Irma and Maria.
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WAPA Issues Boil Notice for Potable Water Customers

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority issued a precautionary boil water notice for potable water customers throughout the territory.
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Gov. Kenneth Mapp reassures Virgin Islanders thst the territory has enough fuel.

FEMA, Army Corps of Engineers Working On Solutions for Tarp Roofs

The Army Corps of Engineers is working on ways to expand its "Blue Roof" program to install temporary tarp roofs on damaged homes, to be able to work on homes missing more than half their roof framing.
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Education Commissioner Sharon McCollum (File photo)

St. Thomas-St. John Welcomed Almost 2,000 Students Tuesday

On the first day back to school since Hurricane Irma devastated St.Thomas and St. John, 1,814 students and 271 teachers reported to schools in the St. Thomas-St. John District on Tuesday.
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ICMC Founder Pledges $5M Toward $8M Goal for V.I. Relief

International Capital and Management Company has kept relatively quiet about its community service initiatives, but company officials went public Tuesday with a multi-million dollar donation meant to rally more support for the islands.
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