July 25, 2017 8:40 pm Last modified: 3:04 pm


John E. Hanley Dies

John E. Hanley died on July 1.
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Juanita Davis Dies

Juanita Davis died on June 27.
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Egbert Victor

Egbert Isaiah Victor Dies at 35

Egbert Isaiah Victor, also known as “Eggy,” of Estate New Works died on June 19. He was 35 years old.
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Lawrence Petersen

Lawrence Petersen Sr. Dies at 72

Lawrence Petersen Sr., also known as “Howell” or “Pete,” of Estate Sion Farm died on June 16.
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Ickford Barton

Ickford Barton Dies at 80

Ickford Barton, also known as “Pepe,” of Estate La Grange died on Friday, June 23.
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Thorvald Slater Jr

Thorvald H. Slater Jr. Dies

Thorvald H. Slater Jr. died on June 22 at his home.
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Juliene George Dies at Age 94

Juliene George of D. Hamilton Jackson Terrace died June 10.
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Shauntol Yearwood

Shauntol Shaniqua Yearwood Dies at 23

Shauntol "Shanty" Shaniqua Yearwood of St. Croix died on June 20.
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Andrew Birmingham Dies

Andrew Birmingham died on June 17.
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Naral C. Thomas Dies

Naral C. Thomas, better known as "Tom," died on June 18.
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