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Baha’is observe Martyrdom of The Bab Holy Day

This week Baha’is mark the 167th anniversary of the martyrdom of The Bab, one of the two central figures in the founding of their religion.

On July 9, 1850, at noon, The Bab was put to death by a firing squad of 750 soldiers in the public square of Tabriz, Iran.

Six years earlier, He had declared that He was a messenger of God whose mission was to prepare the way for the imminent arrival of the Promised One of all religions who would come to establish a new age of peace and prosperity in the world. In 1863, Baha’u’llah announced publicly that He was that Promised One.

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The Bab attracted tens of thousands of people to His teachings, thousands of whom were killed in persecutions that swept Iran. Finally, authorities had The Bab Himself put to death in an attempt to stamp out the new religion.

A half century after His execution, His remains were brought to Haifa for entombment on Mount Carmel. Today His shrine is one of the most famous landmarks in Israel, and the Baha’i Faith is established in virtually every country.

2017 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Baha’u’llah, the Promised One, of whom The Bab spoke. More than five million Baha’is worldwide will celebrate the 200th anniversary on Oct. 21-22 in more than 100,000 locations.

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