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Six Young St. Croix Track Club Athletes Headed for AAJI Championships

The St. Croix Track Club (STXTC) Mustangs with Coach Smith

The St. Croix Track Club (STXTC) Mustangs congratulates six young athletes who participated admirably at the AAJI (ASOCIACIÓN DE ATLETISMO JUVENIL E INFANTIL) 2nd Track & Field Championship qualifier. The championships will be held in May 2017.

Athletes must place in the top eight in sprints and top 12 in field events, middle distance and distance events to qualify. There are three age groups from 7-13 years-old with over 500 athletes competing. This qualifier was held in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico, on April 8. The athletes competing for St. Croix Track Club were: Jeniqua Weekes, Michelle Smith, Akyra Joseph, Kelise St. Hall, Jonathon Jones and Ariana Edger.                       

After compiling the results from the qualifiers, most of the St. Croix athletes are headed to the finals next month. These are the standings heading into the finals:

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Michelle Smith high jump: 1.20m – 1st (shared) place; long jump: 3.90m – 4th place

Jonathon Jones 200m: 32.57sec. -12th place; high jump: 1.05m -2nd place

 Akyra Joseph long jump: 3.75m – 6th place; 200m: 29.62sec. – 5th place

 Jeniqua Weeks long jump: 2.61m – 9th place; 50m: 8.69sec. – 10th place

 Kelise St. Hall 200m: 31.55sec.- 15th place; 50m: 8.06sec.- 11th place

 Ariana Edger—is in first place in the shot put with an AAJI record of 10.65m, and in the 80m she is in 4th place with a time of 10.93.  Ariana’s shot put record shattered the old mark of 9.54m by over a meter or 3 ½ feet.

“Her shot put performance is definitely the best that Puerto Rico has ever witnessed in her age group,” said Coach Keith Smith.

“We are so very proud of all our athletes as they continue to work hard in their classes and in track & field,” said Smith

Please direct all questions to Coach Keith Smith at 277-1123 or visit the Web site at www.eteamz.com/stxtc       

Full results can be found at: www.finallaptiming.com/AAJI/

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